Everyone finds it difficult to adapt to change. You will often find yourself doing the same old things before realising that you are doing something wrong. This is why you should train your staff on how to effectively transition and use newly installed security systems. And why is it important to do so? Below are a few reasons.

Inform them

First and foremost, you should not fail to inform your employees if you choose to install a commercial security system. This is because it will not function as effectively as it should if they don't know it exists. Informing your staff will also avoid confusion and unnecessary mistakes. For example, if you have changed your doors from public access to pass code controlled, you should inform everyone what code to use.

Educate them

A commercial security system may come with operations that are new to your employees. They may know how to enter a password yet not know how to respond to an alarm or security breach. Most commercial security companies offer training sessions that allow their new users to ease into the use of the new system.

For example, when it comes to monitoring the surveillance cameras, the person placed in charge of this will need to know how to use the new equipment. Without proper training, mistakes are bound to happen which can cause you and your business' security.

Prepare them

Drills are very important in all workplaces. Even when there are fewer than 10 people, it is always better to be prepared than to be caught off guard. A commercial security system will often trigger an alarm which will notify the providing company and consequently the police. But what should you and your staff be doing before help arrives? That is one question that will be answered during the training session.

Similarly, there is no point in installing acommercial security system if you do not plan to take care of it. Most of the equipment are electric and highly sensitive so you will need to train your employees on how to mind the systems. Examples on how to do this include the following.

  • For starters, employees should know that rooms with smoke detectors are no smoking zones.
  • The cleaners should know not to wet any wires that may be on ground level when they wash.
  • If a code operated door does not open, employees should refrain from forcing them open. Instead they should inform the department in charge of operating the system for assistance.