The original CCTV systems would simply record silent images. However, since then, CCTV technology has advanced rapidly beyond this basic function. If you are looking to invest in a new CCTV camera platform as part of a wider security system, it is important that you understand the options available to you. Below is a guide to 2 features offered by modern CCTV systems.

Facial Recognition

Another great feature offered by digital CCTV systems is facial recognition software. This involves using an advanced computer program which scans the face of every person who walks within the field of vision of a camera. In much the same way that a smartphone can instantly detect faces when the camera option is selected, the algorithms used in security software map the distinct mathematical features of people's faces. If your shop repeatedly targeted by the same shoplifters or if there are people who are barred from entering your drinking establishment, facial recognition software will help to identify them if they reappear. You just need to scan in or upload a clear image of the person's face into the CCTV software library. Once you have done this, the CCTV system will check every face it records to see if it is a match for a face which is stored in the database. If a match is detected, this will be instantly displayed on the screen so your staff can take action. 

Person Counting

Modern CCTV does not simply record data onto an analogue storage device such as videotape. Instead, the data is captured and stored digitally, which means all kinds of cool software can be connected to the camera which will perform actions which it would be impossible for a human operator to carry out. One of these actions is person counting. Advanced software can analyse live CCTV images and identify human shapes. As the software recognises each shape, it will count it. This is an essential task if you are planning to install CCTV in a public building which can legally only admit a certain number of people such as a nightclub or concert hall. While it is traditional for security staff on the door to keep track of how much capacity remains in a venue, this is very difficult to do. By installing a CCTV system which has person counting software attached, you can keep an accurate track of the number of people entering and leaving your venue and the total number of people inside.

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