As the global market for domestic security infrastructure continues to grow, so manufacturers of security systems and devices destined for the homeowner market continue to innovate. Their products are often leveraging the latest advances in miniaturisation, artificial intelligence and web connectivity to bring undeniable benefits to consumers. As the technology becomes ever more advanced so certain trends in the home security market can be predicted. What are the latest advances that homeowners can expect to be on trend in 2018?

App-based Smart Security

Although app-based security systems are nothing new, their adoption will continue to rise in 2018, largely thanks to the economies of scale that manufacturers can offer due to the mass marketing of such systems to individuals, not just large business and government installations. Being able to control a security system remotely via a smart device has a number of benefits that homeowners can take advantage of, such as being able to disable an alarm because a family member has turned up at home unexpectedly while the owner is out. Being notified of callers at the door via a smart app is another key advantage for both reasons of security and handling domestic deliveries.

Increased Use of Artificial Intelligence

The role of algorithms determining a wide range of human behaviours is well known these days. Its role in security systems will continue to be incorporated as time goes on. Trendy uses of AI will range from its ability to determine the identity of a caller via face recognition software to being able to put homeowners on alert if suspicious behaviour is detected in the vicinity of a system owner's home. AI is likely to be used to allow access to certain areas of a home in the near future and should even be able to be used to track items, a great benefit for anyone who suffers a loss from their property as a result of theft.

Integrated Security Services

Systems for home security have traditionally been separate from one another so that if one device fails another will continue to function as a failsafe. Despite this, systems are likely to see greater integration as time goes on. This is largely due to the fact that the interconnected world means that systems can cooperate without causing issues for one another if there happens to be a failure. Systems like CCTV, access control and visitor logs are all seeing greater connectivity in the commercial market and homeowners are going to be accessing these sort of integrated services in ever greater numbers.