CCTV alarms and security systems are effective at keeping homes and commercial properties safe from burglars and security threats. They enable property owners to monitor their premises on a 24-hour basis and to identify any potential threats to their property.

An important part of CCTV systems is the camera that is used in the setup. CCTV cameras come in many types and are suited for many different applications. It's therefore important for you to select the right type of cameras during CCTV installation.

Are you wondering where to get started? Here are some of the most useful and effective types of CCTV cameras.

Dome cameras

Dome CCTV cameras are characterised by their dome-shaped housing and unobtrusive design. They are great for indoor applications where the camera can survey various rooms in the home or different sections of a commercial building.

These cameras are mostly used in retail chain outlets such as supermarkets and clothing stores. They can fit easily in tight sections during CCTV installation, and they take up minimal space to operate. Dome cameras are great for deterring potential criminals by showing them that the property is under surveillance.

Day and Night cameras

To monitor an outdoor space such as your front yard or a commercial parking lot, day and night CCTV cameras come in handy. These cameras function properly even in poorly-lit environments. They get their name from the ability to take quality video images both in light and dark conditions.

For example, the glare from the sun or low lighting during sunset doesn't prevent them from maintaining a proper view of the outdoor space.

Bullet CCTV Cameras

Bullet CCTV cameras get their name from their long and cylindrical shaped design. They are suited for long distance viewing due to their ability to easily rotate and zoom into far-off images.

During CCTV installation, bullet cameras are mounted on ceilings or near walls to monitor both indoor and outdoor spaces. They can maintain and almost 360 degree rotation, depending on where they are installed.

Night Vision Cameras

If you need to survey an area that is pitch dark at night, night vision/infrared cameras come in handy. These cameras are capable of using a framework of infrared LEDs to view images under low or no lighting conditions.

High Definition Cameras

In some environments, property owners may want the ability to zoom into a particular person or object with a high-level of clarity. HD cameras are able to capture video and images with extreme clarity and to offer a detailed image of a person even from a distant location. They are mostly used in banks and casinos, but can be great for the home as well.